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Do you want to celebrate a rite of passage or honor or memorialize someone? Here's your chance! Create custom web and donation pages and invite your friends and family to view them. It's a great way to praise someone or explain your own connection to epilepsy. Your friends and family can then support you by donating to your cause.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Personal Pages?
Personal Pages are an opportunity for anyone with a connection to our mission—friends, supporters, volunteers, families, and others—to celebrate and share this connection. Each page includes a personal story, photos, progress toward a personal fundraising goal, and a guest book with notes of encouragement from supporters.

We foster a thoughtful, creative, and diverse community. You will find a variety of personal pages in this area reflecting the diversity of the people we serve

2. Where do funds raised from these pages go?
We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization—all funds donated through personal pages go directly to research and awareness programs. You can read more about our mission.

Your Personal Page

Celebrate a personal milestone or honor a special occasion by creating your own personal fundraising page on our site

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How To Get Started

Things to think about:

1. Pick a name for your page.

2. Find a digital image to upload and display.

3. Decide on fundraising goals.

4. Share a compelling story to honor or inspire.

5. Provide a personal donation as the initial gift for your page.

6. Invite people to your webpage and show them how to get involved by making contributions to your fund or tribute.

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